by Cousin Dud



The last two songs we played with Ben.


released January 29, 2014



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Cousin Dud Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: All My Friend$ Got a Friend$ Got A Bandz
we were talkin bout the scene in the city
she said god these fuckin bands are so cliquey
its like a high school dance these fuckin bands in the city
buncha cool kids watcin' each other get busy

all my friends got a bands
gonna let me sit in next weekend
yeah my friends got a bands

and they got a bunch of synths in the basement
and the record everything onto tape, man
and they're gonna have to find a replacement
for the fuckin drummer when he moves to Alaska

blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah yeah

and we grew up with the guy owns the venue
and his girlfriend's the one that you book through
and the promoter's a tool but we met him in school
he's been talkin' bout starting a fuckin band now too
Track Name: Cousin Dud's Pub Song
Oh, she moved to Chicago
from Kinsington Harbor
expecting magnificent miles
but she wound up in Pilsen
and got into pills and
she let herself go for a while
singing "Fuck, yeah hi-fiddly-dee,
I'm just tryin to put my mind at ease,
Fuck, yeah hi-fiddly-dee,"
and the fat man says hey do you wanna
come drip in the sauna with me

oh its long been a fad,
why, since I was a lad
that you move to the city to live
then you lease you a rental
and ya burn out yer twenties
until you hit thirties and kids
then you tie up the tubes
and go looking for schools
in a district with money to spend
and you say that you will
but you never do really
get back to the places ya been
then its fuck yeah hi-fiddly-dee
can't make the forest for my family tree
fuck yeah hi-fiddly-dee
and I ain't got no love song for this city
and this city got no love song for me.