The Faded

by Cousin Dud



released March 10, 2014

written and recorded by Cousin Dud
mixed by Nick Sherman
mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering



all rights reserved


Cousin Dud Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Illinois
It was a nine hour flight to heaven
God said, "Son, you look destroyed,
it aint a shame you had to waste your life
its just a shame you had to waste your life in Illinois."

The angels they weren't who I thought they would be
they were drunk at the bar and they were fitted with airplane wings
stumblin' around blowin' halos of smoke, to faded to float
they were taking the trains home
I thought this heaven must be some kinda place
here its not what you were its more what you aint
God said, "Son, I want you working the gates,
we need someone to paint over the spraypaint."

Heavens just a place to waste
we'll spend the afterlife destroyed
heavens just another place to waste
after ya lived in Illinois.
Track Name: Repo Nights
she could get what she wanted if she just made the payments,
Iron learned that the hard way when they showed up to take it all
she bought the big t.v. just so she'd never have to fake it,
she bought the brand new car cuz she had a place to park it
she used to sign her checks right on the dashboard
but she don't live like that no more
so she got drunk that night and went out looking for a fight
she found it with some kids from Detroit
some of the places you go you know the stars don't shine at night
but here in the Midwest they shine alright
sometimes they get pretty bright
like on those repo nights and poolside days
we get golden, stay that way
poolside days, nights undone
we're so golden our skin burns the sun
when she wanna get smart she'll say she met Ray Carver at the rv park, a lotta things went unsaid
she thought F. Scott Fitzgerald bought too much
Ernest Hemingway talked too much
and David Foster Wallace was better off dead
so now she's made up and wasted and laid out beside that rv park pool with a bottle of polish and a carton of kools
the classic rock runs on batteries here
they're always singing something about the golden years
and it's mostly how they aint around no more
Track Name: Touchdown Tommy (My DUI)
you can rip the letters off the jacket Hayley
but you can't take the jacket from the man
and a man of letters he's built to practice baby
he don't suit up just to kick it in the stands
and i'd just love to hold you under all those summer stars
down by the Harlow River we can take my car
because my DUI expired on Tuesday
so when you see me walking you know now I can drive

it never gets old
we never get old
Track Name: Wilco (by the River)
I may not remember every note from every show
I may not recall every picture that we took
but I could not forget the way you made the city look
oh, babe you made it look so good
but the skyline ain't got nothin' on you

wilco by the river jacket in the park
some folks take it to the ears
but you and me we took it to the heart
damned if god don't love a good song
girl you had me singin' from the start
long as they make rivers we can never be apart
but a chorus ain't got nothin' on you
Track Name: Halftime Hayley
Halftime Hayley underneath yer bleach blonde bangs you got yer smile turned on bright lights halo yer skirtin' over grass and grid stay fine baby don't you go fadin' don't you ever let 'em grow you old Halftime Hayley yer the top of the pyramid. Don't look down you got the whole world holdin' you up.

Don't everybody wanna hear it just kill 'em with yer spirit and if you cheer it then thy will be done Halftime Hayley hallowed is thy game don't ever let the unfaithful go run off with yer makeup and if you nail it that can never say "Halftime Hayley all shallow is yer name." Don't look down you got the whole world holdin' you up.
Track Name: Better Beaches
Oh I guess it has been some years
since i seen her last
that sawtooth girl that froze up my bones
and turned my blood to sap
it was up there in the rust belt
where they strip mined all the hope
the clouds were chipped like marshmallow flint
the sky was full of holes
sweet angel Iron
queen of the virgin pine
comes a time
when i spent all that was mine
but they got better beaches
on the other side of the lake
and i will reach those shores
if i have to swim
with the bouquet between my teeth.
Hazy were the lines
and hazy so was me
but when she said I wasn't myself
who else would I be
I'll meet her in the water
see how deep it goes
see how fast we sink
see how far we float
Cherokeelo kid of the casino
makes his bets in a red Corvette
in the washed out reservation roads.
Track Name: Jonny
Jonny gonna get us and he knows just where we are he's gassing up his daddy's car 'for dropping mommy at the bar. He's ready oh to rip us yeah to rip us all apart he thinks savagery an art and he paints with all his heart. So one eye to the back and one eye to the side, lend an ear to the devil so he knows that you'll abide. And when you're walking home, stay out of the park. Don't be afraid of the dark.

Better now than later ain't the way you feel no more. Keep on staring at the door as you're pacing round the floor. Skin as thin as paper yeah and paper can be torn, used to laugh at being sore but yer laughing not no more. One eye turning black and one eye been split wide, ears have fallen deaf to the way you feel inside. When you're all alone, racing through the park, don't be afraid of the dark.

Natural born forgetter better get to where you go. Walk it off the hurt and woe cuz he's comin' still ya know. Jonny now or later yeah the difference is small. In the end we're gonna fall. In the end yeah one and all. Never too far gone all along said ya know. Looks like you were wrong, sad there's no more time to grow. I guess we'll never know what you were doing in the park. Don't be afraid of the dark.