Our American Cousin

by Cousin Dud



released December 11, 2010

Written, recorded, and produced by Cousin Dud.



all rights reserved


Cousin Dud Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: South Dakota pt. III: North Dakota
We stared blankly at the road, wind was blowin' hard. She said I'm so tired, tired, tired, tired, oh, baby wake me when we get to Fargo. Well I weren't the stealin kind, maybe thats just me, but if you could seen what I seen, oh, if you could see the things that I've taken home. But yeah it's a good time for me. Drive the car to Fargo, eat at all the chains, we might get dusted, we might get saved. You are high and I is clouded but together we'd make rain, keep me rusted, and I'll do the same.
Track Name: Lucille
Yeah you shoulda seen Lucille, drunk behind the wheel. Drove and rolled her car into a graveyard, shoulda heard that rubber squeal. She'd been drinking at the inn, with some family and some friends, she says yeah it are a pleasure if I never won't be seeing you again. And you shoulda seen her stay, when she could've ran away. Man, she shoulda taken to the corn and slept until the morning came.
Track Name: South Dakota pt. II: Chicago & Minnesota
Oh, babe you don't done me wrong. Wig shops on Milwaukee'll get ya long. Darling you speak so coarse and I would my horse had the kick and lick demeanor of yer tongue. So keep on drinkin' til that sinkin's done. If we all go down together we won't have missed anyone. If only I can't get from goin but I'm far from gone. Tapered tight like she showed me Mickey Avalon. So that Holy Peter wrote a letter to St. Paul. He says I got bones to break so yeah I'll take that fall. With yer wool knit mittens better keep yer fingers thawed. Wind blows cold when the snow in Minnesota falls. So keep on drinkin' til that curtain calls, if we all bow down together we won't have missed the applause. If only I can't get from got but I'm goin' far, tapered tight like she sew me to the bar.
Track Name: South Dakota pt. I: South Dakota
Well the photographers photographic friends think they get the picture think they got the lens, ah, but you know Julie she's the one who sees through all those fancy trends. With a powdered nose and a heart of glass she says look at me and my smokin ass, fuck, I always got cigarettes, got a head full of love and a real fine silhouette, look good on yer head board. But baby you ain't been the light in years, these prophets find a profit and refuse to disappear, but you ain't relevant no more that don't matter what ya think ya hear'd. You think don't nothin happen when you pray but still ya do it everyday. God I wanna be a saint. With my hands upon their foreheads like I'd use the people's pain, look good on my gravestone. So let the faces on Mt. Rushmore erode, motorcycles in South Dakota. So now you wanna love so bad it burns, but baby that ain't love that's just the boys out takin turns, even Romeo's emotions they were eaten by the worms. He's thinkin' whereforeart my casket walls upon which I shall scratch and claw just for something to preserve. I still got a skull full of love and a real fine bed of dirt, feels real good on my suit coat. And it takes time to make time is how ya felt, but time only relates to when yer servin' someone else you got agendas made of wax don't be afraid to let 'em melt. Ya think I always got someplace to be don't noone wanna work fer me. God, I wanna be the man. Got a letter head of love and a fine list of demands, look good on my wrist watch.
Track Name: The Ballad of Alice & Kitty
Don’t trust Alice when she tells you she’s from Dallas, she’s from San Antonio. Works in a diner but she’ll swear that nothing’s finer than living on the road. Says she went to college but she never really flowered, so she had to move back home. It’ll all seem so fake, but she’ll say she’s glad you made it as she pours your cup of joe. And with her heart lodged into the old cement garages of the friends that she has known, she will cry down to her children at the playground and tell ‘em mother wants them home. She says if only you knew my friends.

Don’t hear Kitty when she says she’s from the city, she grew up on a farm
She’s cute and trendy and she’s always more than friendly but she means to do you harm
With legal fees and ugly bruises on her knees she’ll be relying on her charm
She’ll kiss your neck and blast your favorites from her tape deck but its only to disarm
And with her heart ploughed into the old abandoned silos of the people she has known
She will cry out to the pigeons in the hay mow and tell ‘em mother wants them home.

So don’t trust Alice when she says she’s off to Dallas, she’ll be in Cleveland for a while
She’s always broke and her new kitchen floors have ochre colored linoleum tile
There’s nothing funny ‘bout the things she’ll do for money but it always makes you smile
Ain’t hard to sell and it’s a ticket straight to hell but you’ll be goin’ there in style
And with her heart slouched into the torn and dirty couches from the parties she has thrown
She will cry down to the burnouts on the church grounds and tell ‘em mother wants them home.
Track Name: Spent
Clack lack bomb rack hack get back Jack and we can try and get yer stack back. Gun run from the sun yer shunned and spun oh boy yer slippin through the cracks again. Get lit and listen to The Moppets. I knew the chords once to the chorus but I can't think how they went, I've been spent. Peg Leg Betty beg the megs of dregs and powder kegs they're bound to blow. Split lip hit the mitt slip sink the ship now Loose Lipped Linda's comin home again. Don't take Loose Lipped Linda to the show. She only used me for the movie and I haven't seen her since, I got spent. Pay stray bomb bouquet the we and they say stay and pray you find your way. Gun run from the sun yer shunned and spun oh boy yer slippin through the cracks again. Get lit and get it from the T.V. I once heard the words of Jesus but I couldn't make what he meant, I was spent.
Track Name: Hey, Cannibal Lover!
I am flattered that yer turned on by my flesh but what it's doing in your freezer there it is anybody's guess oh and if yer askin me to dinner its oh yes, if yer askin me to dinner it's oh yes. Well I ain't turned off by theft or buggery, and I love a girl who learns that drugs and sex'll set her free, but I just can't fight the cannibal in me, no i just won't fight the cannibal in me. Now the farmer's marked ain't got what ya need, and the grocer and his deli ain't but fish and chicken meat, come to me and see if we can feed compatibly, cum for me and I'll set yer head free from yer shoulders. No I just want to set the record straight, it was you who set the table I was just the last to clean my plate. Thank you baby being dinner date, thank you being dinner baby date!