Repo Nights

from by Cousin Dud



she could get what she wanted if she just made the payments,
Iron learned that the hard way when they showed up to take it all
she bought the big t.v. just so she'd never have to fake it,
she bought the brand new car cuz she had a place to park it
she used to sign her checks right on the dashboard
but she don't live like that no more
so she got drunk that night and went out looking for a fight
she found it with some kids from Detroit
some of the places you go you know the stars don't shine at night
but here in the Midwest they shine alright
sometimes they get pretty bright
like on those repo nights and poolside days
we get golden, stay that way
poolside days, nights undone
we're so golden our skin burns the sun
when she wanna get smart she'll say she met Ray Carver at the rv park, a lotta things went unsaid
she thought F. Scott Fitzgerald bought too much
Ernest Hemingway talked too much
and David Foster Wallace was better off dead
so now she's made up and wasted and laid out beside that rv park pool with a bottle of polish and a carton of kools
the classic rock runs on batteries here
they're always singing something about the golden years
and it's mostly how they aint around no more


from The Faded, released March 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Cousin Dud Chicago, Illinois


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